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Gift of Love: Choosing a Pendant to Fit Her Personality

silver pendant jewelryA pendant is a beautiful, thoughtful gift that serves as a constant reminder of your love and adoration. You need only invest a small amount of time and effort into selecting the right one. Use these pointers for choosing a pendant that perfectly matches her style.


If the recipient collects a certain type of animal, bird or flower, you can’t go wrong by choosing a coordinating pendant. However, make sure that the style matches her personality. For example, if she collects white owls, do not buy her a vibrantly colored owl pendant. Purchase a cream, ivory or white one to ensure that it fits into her already existing style.


Woman generally enjoy receiving birthstone pendants as gifts. Choose a single, larger pendant for her to wear as a statement piece. Alternatively, if she usually wears smaller pendants, select one that features multiple birthstones to add visual interest to the gift.

Unusual Style

Another buying tip choosing an unusual style that also displays her favorite color. This offers familiarity while being an unexpected twist on an old favorite. This is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Before making your final selection, look over the available options one more time to ensure that you are making the right decision. If you narrow down your decision to two choices, select the one that you believe best enhances the bulk of her wardrobe. This choice allows her to wear the piece more often and enjoy it with a broader range of clothing and other jewelry pieces and accessories. Don’t stress too much over choosing a pendant.

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