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8 Fabulous Reasons to Check Out Sterling Reputation

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Meet Sterling Reputation

Finding the best quality sterling silver jewelry to serve your customers can be difficult. Sterling Reputation is here to make it all easy. Learn more about Sterling Reputation in this quick video introduction.

Thousands of Styles

We search the world for fashion-forward looks, and release new styles throughout the year. Price-point jewelry can bring new customers into your store — our job is to make sure you have something new and beautiful to show them every time they return.

Fine-Jewelry-Quality Silver

Sterling Reputation supplies the highest quality sterling silver jewelry to retail jewelers. Jewelry that deserves to be sold in a jewelry store among the other fine jewelry offerings. Jewelry that looks great with any look - dressy or casual - and will stand the test of time.

For the Trade Only

Steve Berkowitz, the owner of Sterling Reputation, is devoted to the jewelry industry and the advancement of the specialty retail jeweler. So Sterling Reputation is only for the trade. As you will see, this website is constructed to make it impossible for consumers to order. Applications to buy from Sterling Reputation are carefully vetted by Steve himself.

We know there's a lot of silver for sale in the marketplace — much of it very inexpensive, cheaply made, and undifferentiated. But you — the specialty retail jeweler — must offer the highest quality silver to your customers. So Steve travels the world looking for the best designs and highest quality manufacturing. This dedication to excellence makes it possible for you to sell a level of silver jewelry in your store that consumers cannot find on Amazon or in the local department store.

Extraordinary Service

We have earned our reputation for promptness, courtesy, and product knowledge. And we maintain 95% in-stock levels on our products, so you get fast, complete reorders.

.925 Genuine Sterling Silver

All our jewelry is guaranteed .925 sterling silver, and it meets the expectations of discriminating silver buyers (including you!).

Non-Tarnish Finish

All our pieces are finished with rhodium to ensure a shiny appearance that won't tarnish.

FREE Offer!

We'd like to email you from time to time to introduce new styles. In exchange, we'll send you a free sample! It's a win/win - you get a free pair of stud earrings, which will allow you to see our quality and service for yourself without any obligation to purchase. We get to count you among our friends. We promise to keep the emails relevant, infrequent, and always of value to you.