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About Us

A Little History

The Sterling Reputation Team Before the 24k Dinner

It Started with a Kiosk

I had been in the wholesale costume jewelry business for about five years, and I decided to open a Sterling Silver Jewelry Kiosk in a local mall. I figured I would attend all the fine jewelry trade shows and buy from the silver suppliers.

But I got frustrated really fast. The silver suppliers I found made it difficult to partner with them.There was no continuity in their product lines, and the product lines rarely had any sort of collection quality or cohesiveness.

I would order 100 pieces of assorted SKUS, and I would get 20 or 25 pieces at a time, but nothing would match. For the next eight weeks, the rest of the order would dribble in. When I tried to reorder it was impossible. The styles I had ordered would be discontinued, or worse, the companies would ship the wrong things.

It started with a kiosk in a shopping mall
It all started with a kiosk in a shopping mall

Can I Do Better?

I started thinking I could do better than that. I had owned a wholesale jewelry business once before, and I didn't figure owning a Sterling Silver Wholesale company would be that much different.

So that's how Sterling Reputation was born. Here we are, 21 years later, always trying to do better. 

Today, our staff specializes in amazing customer service and support. We ship within 24 hours, and we maintain a 95% stock availability rate — even through the busiest holiday seasons. I put the word Reputation in the company name, because I wanted to challenge myself to earn it every single day. And together with my great team, I think we do.

Steve Berkowitz

Steve's dog Jewels. Just Because.

Our promise

We will only bring you the highest quality .925 Sterling Jewelry, and we will support you with outstanding customer service.
Steve Berkowitz, Owner
Selections from the Millennial Collection

21 Years of Excellence

We work hard to live up to our name. Sterling means unmatched silver quality. And Reputation is about respect earned over time. For 21 years, we've been giving outstanding service to independent retail jewelers. We work to earn your trust with our service, our quality jewelry, and our commitment to helping your business.

We source our fashion-forward Sterling styles from the best manufacturers around the world. Each of our items are finished with genuine rhodium, to make sure our jewelry won't tarnish.

Our outstanding service and reliable, on-time deliveries make Sterling Reputation a vital partner for your business. Thousands of styles mean you will always find something to complement the basics — and the latest runway trends — when you buy from us.

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Our outstanding service and reliable, on-time delivery make Sterling Reputation a strong partner for your retail business.

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