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5 Quick Retail Merchandising Tips

jewelry store counterRetailers everywhere are looking for new ways to entice customers, all of us looking for that magical formula that will scream the future of retail. But in the meantime, let’s not forget all the important old school (a bit of sarcasm there) retail merchandising tips that store operators everywhere should practice. Here are a few quick reminders:

Change Displays Monthly

Many jewelry retailers think this advice is just for “other” retailers, but that’s not true. Even though most jewelry stores are limited by extensive fixtures, you still need to change those displays frequently. Today’s consumer is always looking for something new. If a retail store looks the same each time she walks in, she’ll write that store off.

Look for fun and interesting ways to recombine jewelry to make a statement. Group by holidays, styles, seasons, and any other fun themes you can think of. Remember to change it up to keep your consumers interested.

Make Aspirational Displays

Showing consumers wants more than needs is a powerful way to merchandise, because that’s what gets people excited. Display your most dramatic, high-priced, or aspirational items. Then, encourage your customers to try them on! This kind of merchandising creates an emotional connection that simply shopping for a birthday gift or wardrobe staple won’t provide.

Pig in the Window

We’re not sure who coined this phrase, but we love this merchandising tip. Put something totally unrelated, preferably surprising, in your window display as a prop and an attention getter. Make sure it’s a prop that will resonate with your target audience! Going off-brand is never a good idea. But when you make customers ask themselves “why is that there?” you engage their curiosity, and curiosity gets people in the door.

Light like it’s Showtime

When’s the last time you dusted, cleaned, changed, or even upgraded the lighting in your store? Just like interior design and fashion, lighting has seasons. If your store is lit like it’s 1989, it will look dated to your customers in 2017. Get in a lighting expert to give you an opinion. You may be surprised at how a lighting facelift can take years off your store!

Encourage Interactivity

Nobody wants to be asked “can I help you,” but they don’t mind being asked, “would you like to try this on?” It doesn’t work for apparel (weird, right?), but holding out a bracelet, ring, or a pendant is a great way to engage consumers and create an emotional spark.

As I said in the beginning of this article, we’re all looking for the brainstorm that leads to the retail store of the future. However, I really don’t think there’s a silver bullet. Instead, I think a solid combination of known and yet-to-be-thought-of ideas will pave the way to a new retail experience. Who knows – maybe some of these retail merchandising tips will be part of that!


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